Index of Iowa Laws
Relating to Cities

This index is intended to answer one of the most frequent questions asked of the League: “Where in the Iowa Code does it talk about…?”

About the Index

This index includes links to Code of Iowa citations that apply to city government operations. Please understand that there is a large body of interpretive case law and Attorney General opinions listed in annotations to the Code of Iowa that may impact the interpretation of these laws. Please consult with your city attorney to review how these laws may apply to your particular situation.

Originally a printed publication, the online version of The Index of Iowa Laws Relating to Cities attempts to give cities an alphabetical topic reference to the Code of Iowa. If you feel we have missed a reference, please let us know.

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The Index is designed to connect municipal topics to related the applicable areas in the Code of Iowa. More than 2,000 topics are listed alphabetically, but using the search on the table below will help you narrow the results. Give the table below a moment to load, please. Have a suggestion or a correction? Contact Us.