Training can generally be placed into two categories: job specific or staff development.

Job Specific

Training is offered for numerous municipal positions by professional organizations, colleges and universities, companies and statewide associations such as the Iowa League of Cities. Allowing employees to attend job specific trainings can result in increased efficiencies, innovation and motivation; while reducing employee turnover. Training also allows employees who do similar jobs to meet and share ideas; these connections provide employees with additional resources for when new or difficult problems are confronted.  The Iowa League of Cities provides information on trainings of interest to city officials on our Workshops and Events web page; this includes trainings offered by the League directly, partnering organizations and outside groups. Information on known trainings is also periodically included in our League Weekly publication that is e-mailed out to city officials each Tuesday.

Several municipal positions have mandatory training requirements or certifications; including water and wastewater operatorsmost law enforcement positionsfirefightersEmergency Medical Services (EMS)lifeguards​​electic utility workers ​and operators of certain large vehicles who are required to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). In addition, there are several optional training programs and certifications offered for municipal clerks and finance officerscity managementhuman resource professionals and pool operators.   

Staff Development

Having staff trained together on issues can increase employee morale while communicating organizational goals and policies. This type of training could include such subjects as sexual harassment, ethics, safety, team building, customer service and diversity. These types of trainings are often facilitated by someone outside the organization who have specialized skills. For the city, these types of trainings can serve several purposes. Trainings on such topics as sexual harassment and diversity communicate the city’s policy on these subjects in hopes of preventing discrimination and harassment; while also providing the city with a possible legal defense should it occur by individuals within the organization.

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