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National Civility Summit

On December 7, 2022, the first annual National Civility Summit for Local Governments will be held virtually beginning at 10 a.m. A partnership between the National League of Cities, the Iowa League of Cities, and The Center for Public Democracy at Drake University, this important event will focus on providing local governments and the officials that lead them with the tools and best practices they need to facilitate and provide engaged and participatory government. “Local leaders are in the midst of a civility crisis, experiencing higher rates of threats and harassment than ever,” National League of Cities CEO and Executive Director Clarence Anthony said. “But civil dialogue is so critical to functioning government and to our democracy. NLC is thrilled to work with our partners at Drake University and the Iowa League of Cities to make space for municipal leaders to discuss their experiences and share strategies they can use to address this major challenge in their communities.”

The summit will feature presentations from a variety of speakers discussing civility from the individual as well as the structural perspective of local governments. A panel of municipal government leaders and scholars will provide local government officials, elected and appointed, with tools and best practices needed to lead an engaged and participatory government. “In a time of perceived increased incivility, local governments and municipal officials are the closest to the people and best situated to be leaders in promoting civility and ensuring the foundations of participatory government remain strong,” said Robert Palmer, General Counsel for Iowa League of Cities.

“The National Civility Summit for Local Government is a signature event of the Center for Public Democracy and one we are proud to host as part of our effort to strengthen civility and leadership at the local and national level,” said Drake University President Marty Martin.

Additional details about the National Civility Summit—including registration details—are available online.

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