League Webinar Series 2015

The League Webinar Series features information and guidance on a wide range of issues important to city officials. New this year, the webinars are free to access and watch from the League Web site.

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Fire Department Management and Funding
George Oster, George Oster and Associates, LLC
Fire protection is important to all communities and cities have the responsibility to provide coverage to residents and property owners. Each city must decide how such protection will be provided to their community, which can be done in a variety of ways. Cities that utilize fire departments need to review how the department is set up and managed as well as ensure it is in sound fiscal shape. The webinar will feature information on the following areas of fire department management and funding:

  • The role of cities
  • Requirement in providing fire protection
  • Working with separate fire associations
  • Managing finances and funding emergency services

Archived Webinars

City Council Orientations
Jeff Schott, Program Director, Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa
One of the more challenging aspects of serving as a city council member is gaining an understanding of how the local municipal government operates. This is especially true after the city elections, which occur this November, as many cities will be welcoming new members to their city council.This webinar will provide ideas on how to establish and complete successful city council member orientations. These important learning activities help give new and returning council members an idea of how the city operates, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of council members
  • How city services are performed and the employees responsible for them
  • City boards and commissions
  • Laws that govern council meetings
  • The city’s financial condition and budget plans
  • Strategic goals and other important planning documents

City Elections Guidance
Speaker: Dawn Williams, Director of Elections, Secretary of State’s Office
2015 is a city election year and while some of the duties assigned to the city clerk’s office have been removed through recent legislation, cities still play an important role in the process. This webinar will provide a review of the important rules and laws that govern municipal elections as well as guidance for how cities can help ensure an effective election is conducted. The following topics will be covered:

  • Review of basic city election laws and rules
  • Nomination process and the city’s role
  • How ballot questions are handled
  • 2015 City Election Calendar and important dates

Security at City Hall
 Phil Redington, Chief of Police, City of Bettendorf | Bruce Schwarz, Detective, City of Bettendorf | Decker Ploehn, City Administrator, City of Bettendorf
Municipal facilities and city council meetings are generally open and accessible to the public, allowing citizens to engage with city officials and conduct important business. While openness is a pillar of municipal government, it can also bring security risks. This webinar will provide common security practices and strategies to reduce and mitigate risk with city buildings and public meetings. Attendees will learn how to improve security at their city buildings and meetings while maintaining an open and welcoming local government. The webinar will feature information on the following topics:

  • Review of common facility security practices, including virtual tour of Bettendorf council chambers, and guidance for public meeting security
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate (ALICE) training for active shooter scenarios

Bids, Quotes and Contracts for Public Improvement Projects
Bill Goldy, Associate Principal/Senior Planner, ISG | Derek Johnson, Associate Principal/Senior Civil Engineer, ISG
One of the fundamental responsibilities of municipalities is to undertake and manage a variety of public improvement projects to provide safe, reliable infrastructure for the community. Due to the wide spectrum of these projects, the process for awarding public improvement project contracts can be quite complicated.

This webinar will help guide participants through the steps legally required to get a public improvement project to the construction phase and will include:

  • Chapter 26 Basics
    An overview of the state code Chapter 26 provisions that govern public improvement projects including the definitions of horizontal and vertical infrastructure projects and the types of qualifying projects under the state code.
  • Bid and Quote Thresholds
    A review of the different thresholds for horizontal and vertical infrastructure projects, which were increased on January 1, 2015, will be provided as well as a discussion on how to estimate project costs to determine when the thresholds apply.
  • Project Plans/Specifications & Bid and Quote Process
    Steps to follow during the competitive bid or quote process including developing and approving project plans and specifications, sending notice to bidders, and selecting a contractor.

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