Following municipal elections, the League asks city clerks to provide updated information for city officials. We also take the opportunity to review and update general information about the city. The updates provided with this form will be reviewed by League staff before they are incorporated into the League’s database, so you won’t see immediate changes to your city information. In fact, elected official information is considered effective January 1, 2024, unless requested otherwise. City staff position updates are considered effective immediately unless requested otherwise.

We sent city clerks an email with a PDF of the information we had on file on November 20, with options for providing updates.
The flow for submitting updated information online: 1) Identify the submitter. 2) Provide general city information. 3) Provide updates for city officials.

We’ve enabled a save and submit option on this form that can send you an email with a link to continue your submission at a later date.

IOWA League