Location: Ballroom A
Event Date: 9/29/2022
Time: 10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Cyber insurance is critically important for municipalities. With ransomware attacks attacking municipalities more than any other industry, even more than schools or healthcare organizations, a perfect storm exists as municipalities are also often the least equipped to handle a cyberattack. Many municipalities do not even have the “basic basics” in place such as multi-factor authentication, endpoint detection and response and data backup.

In this presentation, Kasi Koehler will talk about how we arrived at this situation while also providing some tips on navigating the cyber insurance environment today. Kevin Howarth will then answer the question, “Where do I begin with cybersecurity?” and present a checklist that distills tips, best practices, and recommendations that cities can use to score themselves, find cybersecurity gaps and create an action plan.

Speakers: Kevin Howarth, Marketing and Communications Manager, VC3 | IT in a Box; Kasi Koehler, Marketing Representative, Iowa Communities Assurance Pool


IOWA League