Location: Meeting Room 1-2
Event Date: 9/29/2022
Time: 8:15 AM – 9:15 AM

American Water sees diversity as a vital element in creating an environment where differences are accepted and are important to the company’s success. Diversity of backgrounds, ideas, thoughts and experiences is vital to our culture and the way we do business. Creating an environment where differences are embraced and where every person feels engaged and included makes us safer, stronger and more successful. This discussion will share how Diversity, Inclusion and Equity are approached at American Water as well as provide specific examples and success stories on how these initiatives have developed and will help retain employees and enhance the company’s success. The speakers will also provide some “how to tips” to assist interested municipalities in beginning their efforts.

Speakers: Randy Moore, President, Iowa American Water; Valoria Armstrong, Chief Inclusion Officer & Vice President External Affairs, American Water

IOWA League