SAM registration and New UEI Number

American Rescue Plan Act/State and Local Government Fiscal Recovery Funds (ARPA/SLFRF) reporting guidance requires that all cities have a valid DUNS number in order to apply for and receive ARPA/SLFRF funds. The League’s current interpretation is that a SAM registration will be required for all eligible cities prior to submitting mandatory reporting. There is no cost to obtaining a SAM registration. See for more information and register directly through the federal government website. This registration process may take some time, so cities are encouraged to register early before reporting deadlines.

All applicant organizations need an identifier for federal awards processes. On April 4, that identifier is changing from the DUNS number to the Unique Entity ID (UEI), issued by 

*Note that many websites offer to facilitate the SAM registration process for a fee. Many have been discovered as scams. These are not official government sites. Remember, there is no charge for an official SAM registration through the federal government.

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