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President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act into law. The League and the National League of Cities’ year-long (NLC) “Cities Are Essential” advocacy campaign resulted in $65.1 billion of direct aid to every city, town or village across the country.

Final Rule on ARP Uses

The U.S. Treasury has issued the Final Rule on uses for the ARP funds. The final rule provides local governments with increased flexibility to pursue a broader range of uses. The Final Rule takes effect on April 1.

Some changes included in the Final Rule are:

It allows a standard allowance for revenue loss of $10 million, allowing recipients to select between a standard amount of revenue loss or complete a total revenue loss calculation. Recipients that select the standard allowance may use that amount – in many cases their full award – for government services, with streamlined reporting requirements. 

The Final Rule clarifies that recipients can use funds for capital expenditures that support an eligible COVID-19 public health or economic response. For example, recipients may build certain affordable housing, childcare facilities, schools, hospitals and other projects consistent with final rule requirements.  

The Final Rule also broadens eligible broadband infrastructure investments to address challenges with broadband access, affordability, and reliability. It adds additional eligible water and sewer infrastructure investments, including a broader range of lead remediation and stormwater management projects.

New Guidance:

Final Rule (all 437 pages) released January 2022
Overview of Final Rule (shortened 44-page summary) released January 2022
Statement Regarding Compliance with the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Interim Final Rule and Final Rule
Compliance and Reporting Guidance released February 2022

Important Links

Compliance and Reporting Guidance(7/2/2021)
FAQ (7/19/2021)
Treasury’s webpage for non-entitlement city (5/25/2021)
Checklist for non-entitlement cities requesting initial payments (5/25/2021)
Quick Reference Sheet on COVID-19 Relief Funds (5/11/2021)
Interim Final Rule on COVID-19 Relief Funds (5/10/21)
Interim Final Rule Fact Sheet (5/10/21)
Treasury’s webpage on COVID Relief Funds (5/10/21)

League Webinar Recordings and Resources

July 8 Webinar: How Non-Entitlement Cities Request ARP Funds through the State of Iowa(7/9/2021)

League ARP Update Webinar  April 30 Video | Slides​ (4/30/2021)

State of Iowa Resources

NEU Numbers and Allocations– (7/15/2021)(**Please note: this NEU pdf contains unofficial estimates only and are subject to change.**)
Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Non-entitlement Units of Local Government website  (7/9/2021)

U.S. Department of Treasury Guidance

Treasury’s Recipient Compliance and Reporting Responsibility website (7/14/2021)

Non-Entitlement City Guidance Forms to Submit to the State of Iowa: 

  1. The League has made these forms available in a fillable PDF file. You may fill out this file and sign it electronically, or you may print it out and fill it out by hand. If it is printed out, you will need to scan it to convert it to a PDF file for submission. 
  2. Fill out and email the two above forms to the state of Iowa at  Put your city’s name in the subject line. (There is no official request form as of this writing.)
  3. In addition, make sure your city has a DUNS number and SAMS registration.

Compliance and Reporting Guidance​(7/2/2021)
FAQ​ (7/19/2021)​
Treasury’s webpage for non-entitlement city (5/25/2021)Checklist for non-entitlement cities requesting initial payments (5/25/2021)Quick Reference Sheet on COVID-19 Relief Funds (5/11/2021)Interim Final Rule on COVID-19 Relief Funds (5/10/21)Interim Final Rule Fact Sheet​ (5/10/21)Treasury’s webpage on COVID Relief Funds (5/10/21)

National League of Cities Resources

National League of Cities Powerpoint- May 17 ARP presentation (5/2021)

View the recording from the May 17 webinar​ of the League and Irma Esparza Diggs from the National League of Cities as we discuss the latest guidance from the U.S. Department of Treasury on the relief funds. (5/18/2021)

National League of Cities American Rescue Plan Dashboard DISCLAIMER: These are estimates from the House Committee on Oversight, not final allocations

Summary of Provisions Dashboard: The National League of Cities has created an extensive, searchable summary of provisions relevant to municipalities.

National League of Cities American Rescue Plan Summary of Provisions Dashboard

Fact Sheets:American Rescue Plan Fact Sheet​Fact Sheet for Iowa

NLC Blog Articles:Local Recovery: Five Principles for ARP Implementation

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