IaCMA Accepting Nominations for Annual Awards

The Iowa City/County Management Association (IaCMA) is accepting nominations for two annual awards that recognize outstanding city programs and individuals. Nominations may be submitted by city officials, including mayors and council members. Nominations are currently being accepted for the following awards, and each has an April 28 deadline: 

Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader Award is presented to a local government and the chief administrator or assistant chief administrator to recognize his/her innovative and successful programs. Eligible candidates must be:
First time in the position, and have five years or less experience as a chief administrator; or,
First time in the position, and have seven years or less experience as an assistant chief administrator

Program of the Year

The Program of the Year Award is presented to a local government and its chief administrator to recognize an innovative and successful program. Local governments must limit their nominations to no more than two programs in a single category. Each program nomination must be independent and cannot be a component of another program.

Eligible programs must be:
Administered under the authority of one or more governmental entities, with only limited outside assistance from experts/consultants. Currently, be in operation and has been fully implemented within the last three years and must demonstrate tangible results.

More information and nomination forms can be found on the IaCMA website

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